This table was devised for the guidance of seekers of the Grace of Lord Dattatreya to solve worldly problems. It is a grid of Devnagari letters. A seeker is supposed to pray to the Lord and Shri Swami Maharaj, close his eyes and move the mouse over the table and click on a letter. Originally he/she was required to get the guiding verse by joining every 19th letter from the letter arrived. In this electronic edition, the guiding verse (Marathi) is automatically displayed, along with Hindi and English translations. Since most of the instructions pertain to the reading of a particular composition of Shri Swami Maharaj, a knowledge of Devnagari script is necessary. However, since we are providing iLeap files on this site, even those not knowing Devnagari script can still read the prescribed book after transliterating the same to a scrip of their choice.

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